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Welcome to the new world of 666 Satan. O.P.T.s battle for o-parts and zenom orginization and the Recon Government collect the angels and demons in order to unlock the powers of the Kabbalah
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 Battle Rules!

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PostSubject: Battle Rules!   Sat Feb 13 2010, 17:01

Okay, The Battling Rules now! *ahem* Battles have specific rules that MUST BE FOLLOWED, NO EXCEPTIONS!!!!

1. Generally a lower rank O-part is not going to be able to defeat a higher rank O-part unless the user of the lower ranks is in angel form, demon form, or has more battle experience. If lower ranked person has more battle experience, they can have the possibility of winning.

2. NO GOD MODDING!!! I know we already stated this in the general rule, but we'll say it again. PLEASE DO NOT make your O-parts superbly stronger than they should be. We know that some O-parts are more compatible with some users than others, but you can't be insanely strong either, and not all O-parts that you find are going to be compatible with you. -.-; (you'd be amazed at what some people try to pull...)

3. Health points for the start of a battle:
Low rank OPTS/Zenom soldiers/Recon soldiers- 7000 Hp
Recon lieutenant/Zenom senior member/average rank OPT- 12000 Hp
Recon commander/Zenom chief executive/ mid rank OPT- 17000 Hp
Recon second in command/Zenom four guardian/high rank OPT- 22000 Hp
Zenom Leader/ Recon Leader- 26000 Hp

The cyclops will have the Hp based on amounts of ex they have which will follow the same point system
as the wandering OPTs. So cyclops follow the wandering OPT system basically.

4. Damage points of the attacks from O-parts:
E-rank will generally not cause damage
D-rank- 700 Hp
C-rank- 1000 Hp
B- rank- 2000 Hp
A-rank- 3500 Hp
S-rank- 5000 Hp
SS-rank - since this is the strongest , it will take away 1/4 of a leader's hp, low rank will be killed and mid rank will get 3/4 of their p taken (HOWEVER only Shin is ranked SS, all others are below that rank!)

5. Angel/Demon attacks- these will generally be considered SS rank unless it is a specific attack that will for sure kill the person. (such as Samaels judgement will disintigrate a person)

6. When you begin a battle, please be sure to post the number of hp you have at the end of each post and be sure to subtract damage.

7. The cyclops eye power does depend on their experience. Lower ranked and less experienced cannot use their third eye as much a high ranked and more experienced cyclops can. So the system for usage is as follows:
Low rank cyclops (0-25 ex)- can only use their eye in 3 posts per battle
Average rank cyclops (25-85 e)- can only use their eye in 7 posts per battle
Mid rank cyclops (85-150 ex)- can only use their eye in 15 posts per battle
High rank cyclops (150 and up ex)- can use their eye throughout the whole battle

8. Sword and hit damage:

Punch and kicks: 200 Hp
Poison: 100hp then 200 hp and so on... hp reduction increases 100 for each round (1 of yours, 1 of your opponent's)
Sword slash and stabs: 400 hp

9. SPIRIT!!! (i can't believe that I forgot this ._.; sorry everyone...) All o-parts require spirit from the OPT in order to use the effect and you only have so much spirit. Thus there is a point system and you have to subtract spirit with every use:

Low rank OPTS/Zenom soldiers/Recon soldiers- 5000 spirit
Recon lieutenant/Zenom senior member/average rank OPT- 10000 spirit
Recon commander/Zenom chief executive/ mid rank OPT- 15000 spirit
Recon second in command/Zenom four guardian/high rank OPT- 20000 spirit
Zenom Leader/ Recon Leader- 25000 spirit

For the battle reduction of spirit:

E-rank- we'll just say none as you probably wouldn't be fighting with E-rank o-parts anyway...
D-rank- 500 spirit
C-rank- 1000 spirit
B-rank- 1500 spirit
A-rank- 2000 spirit
S-rank- 2800 spirit
SS-rank- 5000 spirit (yes this is really high... and remember Shin is the only SS-rank)

If you use up all of your spirits, you will instantly pass out.

10. Killing! Okay so we know that there's no way to get around it, some characters are going to be killed. It's going to happen eventually. So! Low ranks are protected. No killing them unless you have their consent or they do something really stupid like challenge a high ranking person. Higher rank are free game. You should be able to fight and die so yea that is all.

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Battle Rules!
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