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Welcome to the new world of 666 Satan. O.P.T.s battle for o-parts and zenom orginization and the Recon Government collect the angels and demons in order to unlock the powers of the Kabbalah
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 General Ranks

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PostSubject: General Ranks   Sat Feb 13 2010, 16:06

Wandering OPTs (these are OPTs that aren't affiliate with anyone and can be hired or such for different things or travel around for different reasons)
~low rank-0-25 battle experience (E-C O-parts ONLY)
~middle rank-25-125 battle experience (E-A O-parts ONLY)
~high rank-125 and up battle experience (D-SS O-parts, these people can use any o-part basically)

~leader (limit 1)
~ second in commands (limit 2)
~commanders (like cross was-limit 4)
~ Recon soldier

Zenom Organization
~leader (limit 1)
~four guardians (limit 4-duh)
~chief executives (limit 2)
~senior member
~Zenom soldiers

In the organizations, you must work your way up unless you are offered a certain position or you were given that rank. Please don't get mad at an admin if you don't have the rank you want. We will discuss it if you were a higher ranked wandering OPT and got recruited and we will discuss with the leaders of the two organizations. What we deem, is what is final, please do not argue with us.

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PostSubject: Re: General Ranks   Sun Feb 14 2010, 18:03

1. Dee "Crazyman"

Yes there are only 5 spots available. Cyclops do have the third eye open, hence there are only 5 spots. Oh, and because of inheritance and such, NO CYCLOPS OPTS!!! Thank you ^.^

Also, you do not have to be an OPT if you absolutely choose not to. You can be a cyclops or a very skilled swordsmen or both as long as a cyclops spot is available.
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General Ranks
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