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 InuYasha: Rise of the Demons

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PostSubject: InuYasha: Rise of the Demons   Mon Nov 01 2010, 11:41

[url=http://z7.invisionfree.com/inuyasha_rising ][/url]

When Kagome Higurashi was pulled through the Bone-Eater's Well into ancient Japan, the lines between past and present were blurred. She freed the half-demon Inuyasha from his prison, pinned to a tree by a magical arrow, and she found she had a powerful jewel buried within her body. As a reincarnation of the priestess Kikyo, it was her duty to protect the sacred object. However, during an encounter with a demon, she accidentally shattered the Shikon Jewel, and it separated into hundreds of pieces, scattering over the farthest reaches of Japan. 

It is her calling and Inuyasha's destiny to find each shard of the broken jewel and reform it. As the shards spread over the four regions of Japan, the eldest and most dangerous of demons are beginning to wake up. Much like Kagome and Inuyasha, they too search for the jewel shards, although with a very different goal ~ power.

It is unknown where exactly the pieces of the jewel lie, and it is possible that some may even rest in the present day world. Across both Feudal and Modern Japan, portals have opened, causing the two worlds to become one. Demons can pass between them freely in their search for the shards, wreaking havoc wherever they go.

Should the jewel be reconstructed, it would grant its barer ultimate power. And if the jewel were to fall into the wrong hands, the consequences could be disastrous. 

If you possessed one of the shards, what would you use it for? Whose side would you take?

~ Be one of the original InuYasha characters or create your own! Be a simple villager or an evil demon, be a half-breed or one of the powerful priestesses. There are a variety of races and occupations to choose from! ~

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InuYasha: Rise of the Demons
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