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Welcome to the new world of 666 Satan. O.P.T.s battle for o-parts and zenom orginization and the Recon Government collect the angels and demons in order to unlock the powers of the Kabbalah
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 Amaya's Oparts

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PostSubject: Amaya's Oparts   Sat Apr 17 2010, 08:16

Name: Yuki no Hana
Rank: B
Effect: This pendent has many effects. One effect is that Amaya can contribute spirit to quickly create a barrier of transparent ice. This is a quite durable barrier that can withstand low rank attacks, but a higher rank attack will break through it though it will slow the attacks speed and decrease its force. Another effect is that it can double Amaya's speed for as long as she is contributing spirit. The third effect that the pendent has is ability to create ice weapons.
Appearance: This is the snowflake pendent that Amaya wears on a necklace around her neck. It is made out of a strange rock that her "father" found in the ruins. He studied it for a while and after learning about its effects and such, decided to give it to Amaya. The pendent looks like a snowflake made of cloudy blue crystal.

Name: Yukai no Yaiba
Rank: A
Effect: This sword has an freezing (ice) effect to it. When the effect is activated with spirit, anything the sword touches will begin to freeze. This freezing can be counter-acted by only a very strong fire attack but that will usually only halt the freezing process. Anything that is frozen and then thawed will have some damage too it.
Appearance: The sword is pure white with a snowflake shaped hilt and a white handle. The sword is slightly longer and wider than a katana. The sheath that Amaya carries it around in is a pure white with symbols running down it. She usually has the sword strapped to her back.
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PostSubject: Re: Amaya's Oparts   Sun Apr 18 2010, 00:04

approved yuki no hana for usage, yukai no yaiba for hunt in ruins
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Amaya's Oparts
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