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Welcome to the new world of 666 Satan. O.P.T.s battle for o-parts and zenom orginization and the Recon Government collect the angels and demons in order to unlock the powers of the Kabbalah
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 Amaya Himura

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PostSubject: Amaya Himura   Sat Apr 17 2010, 08:15


Name: Amaya Himura
Age: 16
Gender/species: female
Affiliation: wandering OPT
Personality: Amaya is kind and warm once you get to know her. She doesn't trust others easily since she knows her life is in danger and she's on the run from Recon. She enjoys the outdoors and is very self sufficient as she basically learned survival skills when she was young and honed them when she moved out to wander around. She has a high respect for others opinions, ideas, and dreams and is very optimistic. She works hard when she wants to accomplish something. In battle, Amaya doesn't like to mess around that much and does not take others lives lightly, especially when she considers them friends or allies.

~Physical Appearance~

Pic: my avatar
Height: 5, 3
Weight: 110 lb
Stature: average
Eye color: like avatar
Skin color: like avatar
Hair color: blue (avatar)
Hair style: avatar
Accessories: a silver wire that has a single snowflake pendent on it.
Clothing: a black tank top, denim shorts, black knee-high boots, and black gloves


Rank: High Rank OPT, Metatron
Extra Skills: OPT

Background Story:

Amaya was born to a poor couple on the outskirts of a village in the desert. The couple, being poor, couldn't really take care of her. They scraped by for a while but realized that they were only hurting their daughter, they found a man who was a researcher to raise her in their stead as he had more money and means to take care of her. He became fond of the child as she was just like the child he had lost a few years earlier. He raised her while still researching about the ruins that they lived near. He usually sternly told Amaya to stay away from the ruins as it was dangerous, however, one day an urgent message for the man came and he was away working in the ruins. Amaya ran to tell him. She searched the outside of the ruins and entered into them, determined to find him. She went deeper into the ruins until she entered a room that had a glowing orb. The man was in there, studying it. She relayed to him that there was an urgent message for him. He left after warning her not to touch anything and to stay where she was. However, the glowing orb attracted her attention immensely. Only being of the age of 5, she couldn't resist the urge to see what it was and touch it. She reached out and grabbed the orb and held it within the palm of her hand just as her "father" returned. He screamed for her to drop it, but she was entranced by it and didn't hear him. The orb suddenly brightened and Amaya and the orb suddenly started floating in the air. The orb gently floated from Amaya's hand and floated over to her chest and went into her.

Her father was in hysterics now as he still hadn't been completely sure to what the orb was. He watched as Amaya suddenly glowed more brightly and then sprouted wings and a halo appeared above her head as her eyes changed colors and the symbol of Metatron appeared on her forehead. He then realized that the orb had been the nucleus of Metatron. Amaya then floated back down to the ground and promptly blacked out. Her father took her out of the ruins and waited for her to regain consciousness. After a few days, Amaya regained consciousness and everything basically turned back to normal. Until the day that Recon showed up. They had traced the power of Metatron back to Amaya and they knew that she had the nucleus inside of her. She however had been out getting groceries when the government people showed up at her house. Her father refused to give them her location and so they killed him. When Amaya returned home, she was shocked to find her father dead. She became enraged about it and left the village, bent on getting revenge. Being ill prepared however, she passed out along the road. When she awoke she found that she was in the house of a traveling treasure hunter. He taught her survival skills and how to take care of herself and how to defend herself. After a few years, she decided that she would travel on her own. She knew the government would come after her again and she didn't want to put anyone else at risk. She decided to travel around the world on her own.
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PostSubject: Re: Amaya Himura   Sun Apr 18 2010, 00:33

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Amaya Himura
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