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Welcome to the new world of 666 Satan. O.P.T.s battle for o-parts and zenom orginization and the Recon Government collect the angels and demons in order to unlock the powers of the Kabbalah
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 The Begining

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PostSubject: The Begining   Wed Apr 07 2010, 09:12

Just after finishing off the recon government leaders Kanto became leader and quickly decided to change a lot of the rules, and peoples positions were switched.
I should appoint some of the people I know well so I can be safer around here.
So he started to appoint people that he knew very well at his right hand side and got rid of the people that were originaly in that position. After he appointed themhe got all of the paperwork of rules done and he swiftly created a group of high classed Recon soldiers together. He began to brief them on the kabalah he found in the north pole.

"The Kabalah is run by the power of angles and demons. we will have to catch them and return them to the Kabalah. Now I know there is a north pole kabalah that holds angles, but I think the demons have an opposite kabalah that is in the north pole. After we capture all of them we will have to put the angles in the north pole kabalah and the demons in the south pole kabalah. After we finish that this pitiful world will be ours to control."

They were just amazed to here that the machine was capable enough to take over the world.

"I chose you to help me secure an area around the kabalah and construct a fortress around it so we can keep control of it and keep a close I on the structure at all times. The briefing is over. You are excused."
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The Begining
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