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Welcome to the new world of 666 Satan. O.P.T.s battle for o-parts and zenom orginization and the Recon Government collect the angels and demons in order to unlock the powers of the Kabbalah
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 Kanto Darkstar

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PostSubject: Kanto Darkstar   Thu Apr 01 2010, 07:44

Name: Kanto Darkstar

Age: 25

Gender/species: Male

Affiliation: Recon

Personality: He wants to complete his goals no matter what, prepared to cut down any in his way. He doesn't like to take no for an answer and will do what it takes to complete his goals. He is manipulative and sly.

Physical Apperance
Pic: none

Hieght: 6 foot 2 inches

Wheight: 175 lbs

Stature: Average

Eye Color: Hazel

Skin color: White/Tan

Hair color: Red

Hair Style: Crop

Accesories: wristband, and a ring.

Clothing: Ninja armor

Rank: Recon/Leader (OPT)

Extra Skill: None

Background Story: Kanto was about 8 years old when his father and mother started drinking when they started having job and money problems. They began to blame Kanto for all their problems, telling him that they absolutely hated him and wished that he was never born. One day when they were immensely drunk, they got really angry and beat Kanto so badly, he was knocked unconscious. After realizing that he wasn't moving, they thought he was dead and took him and dumped him in the river. Being unconscious and not waking up, he began to drown and was swept away by the current. However, he wasn't meant to die yet. He woke up a few days later to find himself in an unknown house. He was startled and instantly tried to sit up. A hand reached out and stopped him. "You're might not want to move too quickly quite yet." Kanto turned his head to see a man sitting next to him.

The man then told him of what happened and introduced himself as one of the Recon commanders. That he had seen Kanto in the river and had saved him. He had then taken care of Kanto for the next couple of days as he laid, still unconscious. Kanto was very appreciative, but with having been abused for all those years he was hesitant about trusting this man. But the years passed as Kanto grew and he grew ever closer to the man, adopting him as a new father. And since his father was a part of the government and one of the higher people, Kanto began to work in the government showing that he had some great planning and strategy skills. With his adopted father having a higher position, he could get Kanto a better position in the government than just a mere soldier. Kanto was assigned a job to investigate something near the north pole. He took and expedition team and they headed to the site. They were shocked when they found the Kabbalah. Kanto had read stories and information about this ultimate weapon. He instantly tells everyone that they must be silent about this discovery. He reports back to the government about the extraordinary finding and tells them part of what they could do with the legendary O-part. The leaders of that time are impressed. They promote him to second in command of the project and so he begins his goals of enacting the weapon to use.

The other leaders have other plans though. Over the course of the years, they plan on taking over the project from him. They plot against him to corrupt the leader into either ordering his assassination, or exiling him. He learned about their plans though and struck out first, killing those that had plotted against him. The leader was appalled at this and tried to take him down, but the leader was the next on his list. After successfully taking out the leaders, he took firm control of the Recon government to complete his plans of using the legendary weapon.

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PostSubject: Re: Kanto Darkstar   Thu Apr 01 2010, 10:18

XD You better like that personality and background...
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Kanto Darkstar
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