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 The small unnamed village at the base of the mountains...

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PostSubject: The small unnamed village at the base of the mountains...   Mon Mar 22 2010, 12:22

This village lies in a small valley at the base of the largest mountain. It is a small village that doesn't see many visitors because many are scared away by the jagged peaks looming above and the many legends and stories that accompany them. The village folk are quite nice, but are quite fond of telling legends and stories which scares away visitors. (I blame Dee for getting my brain fixed on ghost stories this morning in the chatbox...) However, the village thrives on its own from the nice climate that they have which is great for farming and agriculture. The village folk thrive on this but will always be ready to spend the evening telling ghost stories and legends around an open fire. Spoken word is the basis of the stories and most of the stories have no written record to them, most unique to the village.


Amaya had finally reached the village. It seemed quite a nice place. She had so far passed several different farms and had finally reached the center of the village. The village wasn't that large in terms of people, but there sure were a lot of farms around. The main part of the village was the smallest she had ever seen. Not many were milling about right then. Seems so quiet... She saw a person pushing a cart into the village from one of the roads that came from the many farms surrounding the village. She walked over to the person and began to help them push the cart to the nearby store. Thank you, missy. the farmer said. Oh, no problem. As you can see, I'm not from around here and I was looking for some information about a strange guy... She began to say but was cut off by the farmer. Strange guy, hmmm... I wonder if you could be talking about "Crazyman." Crazyman? Ah... do you know the stories about him. Ooooo... You're fer sures not from 'round here... You should join us for a night of stories. The farmer says with a strange smile on his face. I think you'll get the info you need... Oh and when is this? Tonight of course! Every night is story night! All the village gathers around for a night of stories. He points over to a place where it looks like a fire burns and logs are lying about for seating. heck... why don't you come by my house, my wife cooks a heck of a meal and then you can join everyone tonight for some stories. You can request some about ol' "Crazyman." Oh, okay. Amaya said, bewildered as she followed the farmer home. A village of farming and ghost stories... strange...
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PostSubject: Re: The small unnamed village at the base of the mountains...   Mon Mar 22 2010, 16:56

The meal earlier had been delicious. The farmer hadn't been joking about his wife being a good cook. Amaya's stomach was now full and the meal was refreshing compared to the usual dried food she ate during her travels. Now Amaya was sitting in one of the front seats near the fire as the village gathered around the now burning fire, excited for the stories to be told. Finally the whole village was assembled. A guy stood up whom Amaya assumed to be the mayor. Welcome everyone, to a night of stories. Now, tonight we have a guest with us. He motioned towards Amaya and she nodded towards everyone as they cheered. With her being the guest, she will give the first request of stories. What would you like to hear, Amaya? Can I hear some stories about "Crazyman?" She said, hopeful this would give her some information that she was looking for. Ah... "Crazyman." That's a good pick! I'll do this one if nobody else minds? He looked around and everybody shook their heads. Okay... so "Crazyman" is a weird man. He's said to live amongst those jagged peaks looming above us. A place that seems inhabitable, he blends right into those rocks, appearing and disappearing on will... The guy continued on with his story about the crazy stories of what "Crazyman" has done. Many more stories were told but Amaya had some information. I guess it'll be time for some hiking in the morning...
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PostSubject: Re: The small unnamed village at the base of the mountains...   Tue Mar 23 2010, 07:35

Amaya arose early the next morning. The others in the house were already stirring too, being early risers with farming. After eating breakfast and gathering her stuff, she was standing at the edge of the village with a crowd of people around her, saying goodbye. You're really going to where "Crayman" is? I thought you wanted something else... Amaya shook her head. No I met him before a few days ago and wanted to talk to him again and figure out more about him... I didn't know that he was so famous in an area. She said laughing. I have to admit, you're brave.... most don't want to set foot in the mountains after hearing that story, even if they don't care about the guy. Amaya shrugged her shoulders at this. Well I must be going now, I've got a ways to go. Thank you all. She said as she walked off, waving goodbye to them. They all waved back. Amaya then turned to pay attention to the trail ahead as she began her ascent up the mountains.
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PostSubject: Re: The small unnamed village at the base of the mountains...   Wed Mar 24 2010, 21:16

after about thirty minutes, Dante finds himself at a small village in the mountains. he isnt seen as he moves with the shadows. As dante creeps, he comes across a vilager, but he doesnt see dante and speaks to someone else.

"hey whos plateis this?"

"that amaya girls!"


the villager goes to pick up the plate butdante swiftly knocks him out, unseen. dante then picks up a piece of the food and puts it up infront of his glowig left eye. suddenly, senshu can see all traces of dna matching that left on te piece of food on the ground; hair folicles, dead skin,ect. although senshu had the genera locaton of amaya because of the business card he gave her, he had needed to ine tune his search an find the exact location which is why he is now following her dna with his devils eye. senshu follows the traces of her Dna
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PostSubject: Re: The small unnamed village at the base of the mountains...   

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The small unnamed village at the base of the mountains...
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