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Welcome to the new world of 666 Satan. O.P.T.s battle for o-parts and zenom orginization and the Recon Government collect the angels and demons in order to unlock the powers of the Kabbalah
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 The Angels

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PostSubject: The Angels   Sat Feb 13 2010, 22:20

All angels have the power of regeneration. The ones that have question marks for powers, if you wish to have the nuclues of this angel, you can make up the powers. HOWEVER, an admin must approve as we can't have the powers being super huge and like GMing status.

No. 1
Virtue: Crown
Character: Amaya Himura (Amaya)
Release: Half, Full
Abilities: Net Eyes: Burning Eyes. Multiple fiery eyes are created and they float in the air. They are connected by string-like connections, making them look like a net of eyes somewhat. The eyes can release beams of light known as the attack Basara Shoot.

No. 2
Virtue: Wisdom
Abilities: Unknown -- Raziel means "Secrets of God," known as the Keeper of Secrets and as the Angel of Mysteries. The virtue is about insight and creativity. It is what begins ideas.

No. 3
Virtue: Intellect
Abilities: Unknown -- Known for teaching and "of cherubim with the swiftest wing." Also, Jophiel is known as an Amulet Angel, being summoned when creating amulets. The virtue is about understanding, deductive reasoning. It is what completes ideas.

No. 4
Virture: Mercy
Release: Half
Abilities: Sacrificial Life, which allows clones of whoever Zadkiel desires to be made and used to switch places with the originals. However, when killed, the pain will be dealt upon the one who should have received it moments afterward.

No. 5
Virtue: Justice
Release: Partial/Half, Full
Abilities: The ability to sense other recipes with the right eye and the Twelve Watchers. The Twelve Watchers are twelve head-sized pyramids with an eye on the bottom. Beams of energy can be shot out of them. They can combine to form the Twelfth Cross, which makes a giant cross-shaped blast. In full release, he hovers above the ground, able to manipulate the block-like tail made from the Twelve Watchers. The blocks can come off and explode. The "eye" can see through objects, as well as see how much spirit O.P.T.s have left. However, it can't see through the blocks or anything with spirit in it.

No. 6
Virtue: Beauty
Abilities: Needle hair shot and can stretch arm, twisting the hand until it's pointed like a spear. With a crystal-like acidic substance, Michael can disintegrate things into their natural element makeup.

No. 7
Virtue: Eternity
Abilities: Unknown -- Angel of endurance, patience, and repentance. Haniel means "Grace of God" but the name it formerly went by, Uriel, means "Fire of God."

No. 8
Virtue: Glory
Release: Full
Abilities: Unknown -- Raphael means "Healing of God"

No. 9
Virtue: Foundation
Release: Full
Abilities: Unknown -- Gabriel means "Strength of God"

No. 10
Virtue: Kingdom
Release: Half, almost full
Abilities: Enhanced physical strength, ability to shrink and enlarge objects and people. Objects that go through the shrinking and enlarging can be modified in design.
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The Angels
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